The Creative Journey

Mairzee Almas has directed numerous shows, including SHADOW AND BONE, Y THE LAST MAN, THE SANDMAN, LOCKE AND KEY, OUTLANDER, IMPULSE, JESSICA JONES and 12 MONKEYS amongst many others. Her directing work encompasses SVOD, Cable and Network outlets. She was also the Co-Executive Producer/Director for the second season of IMPULSE.

Mairzee began her career as an actress, having trained at F.T.S. Performing Arts Conservatory in Vancouver. She soon found the desire to eventually direct, eclipsed her desires in front of the camera.

She then trained at the Vancouver Film School - graduating from their Foundation Film Program. Over the next several years, she climbed her way up to become a sought after First AD, working on numerous film and television projects.

Her first directing opportunities came with episodes of SMALLVILLE and DAVINCI’S INQUEST. Since then, she has directed over 70 episodes of television and been nominated for multiple directing awards.

She lives in Vancouver and works all around the world.

Mairzee Almas


2015 Leo Awards
Best Direction Dramatic Series (Nominated)
Ascension "Night Three, Part 1"

2015 Leo Awards
Best Direction Dramatic Series (Nominated)
Motive "Overboard"

2009 The Director's Guild of Canada
Best Director
Smallville "Identity" (Nominated)


Judith Weston – "Script Analysis and Rehearsal Techniques for Directors"
Judith Weston Studio, Los Angeles, CA.

Judith Weston – "Acting for Directors"
Judith Weston Studio, Los Angeles, CA.

Women in the Director's Chair
Banff School of the Arts, Banff, Alta. 2003

Foundation Film Making: Full-Time Program
Vancouver Film School, Vancouver, B.C. 1993

Professional Theater& Film Training
FTS. Performing Arts Conservatory, Vancouver, B.C. 1990